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Commercial Kitchen Flooring - call or message us for same day budget

If you are considering a new or replacement commercial kitchen floor you should give serious thought to installing a 9mm thick application of Pumadur HF polyurethane resin screed - this equates in thickness to 3 x £1 coins.

Why Pumadur HF polyurethane resin and not tiles or vinyl?

Pumadur HF polyurethane resin screeds provide a cost efficient, durable, anti-slip floor finish with an estimated life expectancy of 15 years plus in a commercial kitchen environment - this typically works out around the £7 or £8 per week over this period.

Pumadur HF protects the underlying concrete from grease, oils, chemical cleaners, disinfectants, high foot traffic, extreme temperature, thermal shock, abrasion, and hygiene concerns such as mould, mildew and bacteria.

Historically commercial kitchen flooring has been a choice between tiles or vinyls, both of which can have their problems.

Tiled floors, even when properly prepared and applied, are susceptible to cracking owing to impact damage when heavy pots and pans are accidentally dropped onto the floor. Each individual tile is surrounded by grout lines that can be difficult to keep clean and will erode over time. Tiles of course can be slippery when wet. Subject to existing hard tiles such as quarry tiles being absolutely solid and well bonded, Pumadur HF can be laid on top of them.

Issues associated with vinyl flooring in commercial kitchens are blistering and the breakdown of welded joints. Blistering is a trop hazard and should be rectified without delay. This usually entails cutting out a section and infilling with a piece of new vinyl. The breakdown of welded joints can be a far bigger issue. When water and food particles breach the welded joint a hygiene issue has been created.

With the advent of polyurethane resin flooring, these issues are a thing of the past.

Pumadur HF polyurethane resin technology allows for a seamless flooring installation. No grout lines means no cracks or safe havens for contaminants to hide. Polyurethane resin screeds such as Pumadur HF have an extremely strong bond to concrete and can even be installed onto concrete that is only seven to ten days old.


Coving Resin Skirting

Coved Resin Skirting

Internal coved (rounded) skirtings are another feature to consider. When we install your new commercial kitchen floor we can continue the flooring right up the walls, typically about four inches. This is referred to as an internal coved or radius skirting and eliminates the right angled hard edge where the new floor meets the wall preventing the build up of dirt and making the whole floor much easier to clean.

Cleaning and sanitising operations can subject commercial kitchen flooring to significant thermal cycling. At 9mm in thickness Pumadur HF withstands temperatures of up to 120oC which means that it is suitable for cleaning using pressurised steam, boiling water and is unnaffected by hot water discharges from vessels.

Because of their effectiveness on protein and bacteria, strong chemical cleaners are often used in the cleaning of commercial kitchen floors - Pumadur HF is chemically resistant to such cleaners.

Commercial kitchen flooring can present slip hazards as it is often wet or damp - Pumadur HF provides a positive anti-slip finish in both wet and dry conditions and is highly recommended for commercial kitchen floors owing to its physical and chemical properties.

Pumadur HF is often referred to as a 'food grade' or 'food safe' floor finish and has been tested and verified as being 'non-tainting' by the independant body the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association using their test method TES-S-002.

Pumadur HF resin floors are extremely hard wearing with excellent impact and abrasion resistant properties and are non-porous and impervious throughout their thickness.

For many years the Pumadur HF polyurethane resin flooring system has demonstrated excellent performance in commercial kitchens, wet food processing environments and areas subject to severe thermal cycling.

Pumadur HF is complemented with Pumadur CG for coved (rounded) skirtings and Pumadur TF sealer for application onto these skirtings.


Features and Benefits

Pumadur HF can thoroughly cleaned and sanitised

Pumadur HF at 9mm thick can be cleaned with pressurised steam and/or boiling water

Pumadur HF is resistant to a wide range of cleaning chemicals

Pumadir HF has high and flexural strengths which means that it can withstand heavy loads and abrasion

Pumadur HF provides a safe working surface for pedestrian and wheeled traffic

Pumadur HF is anti-slip in both wet and dry conditions

Pumadur HF does not support the growth of bacteria

Pumadur HF can be laid on top of solid, well bonded quarry tiles


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Commercial Kitchen Flooring - call or message us for same day budget