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Commercial Laundry Flooring

commercial laundry flooring smooth light grey high gloss epoxy resin pumaflow

(Above - Pumaflow Self-Smoothing High Gloss Epoxy Resin Floor Topping - 3mm Thick)

Commercial Laundry Flooring - call or message us for same day budget

Commercial laundries have differing flooring requirements with a number of surface textures and physical properties to be considered - our range of epoxy and polyurethane resin paints and screeds are available to cover all aspects.

In soiled linen and sorting areas Pumadur SL matt finish self-smoothing polyurethane resin floor screed from 3mm (thickness of a £1 coin) is a very hard wearing finish which, with its excellent abrasion resistant surface, is suitable for cages being constantly run over its surface. Even old and worn concrete floors that have numerous lumps and bumps are improved dramatically - they will not be made 'flat' by overlaying with a few millimetres in thickness but bumps, lumps and sudden changes in level will be 'sweetened out' to provide a much improved running surface.

In areas such as Ironing and High Care Pumaflow, with its easily cleanable smooth high gloss epoxy resin finish, is applied from 3mm upwards (thickness of a £1 coin) and is ideally suited in this environment - the condition of the existing floor slab is of course a major factor in determining the required thickness.

Where safety underfoot in wet conditions is paramount, Pumadur HF textured anti-slip heavy duty polyurethane resin floor finish may be the solution. Applied at 9mm (thickness of 3 x £1 coins) Pumadur HF is heat resistant up to a temperature of 120oC and possesses excellent chemical resistance to detergents and bleaches. Pumadur HF is a heavy duty floor finish with high abrasion and impact resistance properties and is suitable for trafficking by fork lift trucks and other heavy vehicles.


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Commercial Laundry Flooring - call or message us for same day budget