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Factory Floor Painting


Factory Floor Painting

Factory Floor Painting with Pumatect high build epoxy resin floor paint in grey and red with safety yellow edge lines

(Precision Engineering Plant)

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Whilst we install a wide range of industrial floor finishes, the bulk of our works comes into the category of "factory floor painting".

Almost without exception the type of coating we apply in industrial premises are high build epoxy resin floor paints with a two coat application being equivalent in thickness to approximately 12-14 coats of ordinary single pack factory floor paint. Being epoxy resin based this type of factory floor paint will produce a floor finish that not only looks better but will out-perform standard factory floor paint many times over, particularly when subjected to abrasion and chemical attack whilst also providing the following benefits:

Health & Safety - factory floor painting has a number of purposes and objectives. By using different coloured factory floor paints in order to designate pedestrian gangways, forklift trucking aisles, pedestrian crossings, work stations, field areas, emergency exit routes, fire doors and hydrants a safer working environment is created for employees and visitors. We are often asked about colours in this type of situation and advise that whilst no specific colour schemes are required by law a popular choice is that green is perceived indicative of safety (pedestrian gangways), red as danger (forklift trucking aisles) and black and white as safe but potentially hazardous (pedestrian crossings) - this seems to work in most situations.

Operational issues - before undertaking factory floor painting we can restore the most eroded of floors, repair cracks and spalled joints as well as damage from years of mechanical or chemical abuse. This can reduce hazards to the workforce, damage to forklift trucks and potential stock losses caused by working on damaged or eneven floors.

Aesthetics - one of the principal benefits of painting the factory floor is the vibrancy and colour that it produces. Clean, glossy floors have a dramatic impact on employee morale and enhance customer confidence whilst creating a more pleasant workplace environment than would be the case with dull, dirty or bare concrete floors.

Ease of cleaning - painting your factory floor with epoxy resin or polyurethane resin will create a floor surface that is easier to clean. Bare concrete floors attract and hold dirt whereas painted concrete seals the floor and provides a barrier that makes cleanup faster and easier. Factory floor painting also helps to keep floors dry and safe and reduces the cost of sweeping and scrubbing.

Protection from wear - factory floors that have been painted with epoxy or polyurethane resin systems protect the concrete which means that it will last longer than unpainted concrete. Wheeled traffic, particularly when combined with chemicals and other factors, can wear away the cement paste in concrete slabs and expose the aggregate. Painting the factory floor will protect the concrete.

Light reflection - painting the factory floor with a gloss finish will reflect more light than bare concrete. This provides greater visibility in your facility promoting safety and can reduce the need for auxiliary lighting.

Features and Benefits

Painting your factory floor can be undertaken in a wide range of colours

Factory floor painting protects concrete from oil and chemical spillages

Painting your factory floor with a high build epoxy resin floor paint provides excellent wear resistance

Epoxy resin factory floor painting is a low odour application

Painting your factory floor provides a gloss, easy to clean finish

Painting your factory floor creates a non dusting floor

Factory floor painting is available with an anti-slip finish


Our most popular system for factory floor painting is Pumatect, a two pack epoxy resin floor painting system with exceptional high build properties - two coats of Pumatect has a dry film thickness of up to fourteen coats of ordinary single pack floor paint.

Factory floors painted with Pumatect have a tough, hard wearing surface with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Pumatect epoxy resin factory floor painting is ideally suited to areas that require an easy to clean, durable floor coating such as warehouses, factories, workshops, packaging and storage areas.

Pumatect factory floor paint is suitable for areas of regular foot traffic, regular rubber tyred pallet trucks, light duty fork lift trucking (as opposed to constant) and occasional hard plastic wheeled trolleys.

Pumatect epoxy resin factory floor paint is a Type 3 floor finish as categorised in BS 8204-6 - this is the highest rating for factory floor paints - beyond that we move up to thicker screeds and floor toppings from 2mm in thickness upwards. Factory floor paints categorised as Type 1 and Type 2 offer a fraction of the film thickness of a Type 3 system such as Pumatect.

Floor preparation and application costs are broadly similar across all Types 1, 2 and 3.

The uplift in price to a Type 3 system to provide a far thicker floor paint affects the materials costs only - up to seven times the thickness for less than twice the price.


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