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Factory Floor Painting


Floor Resurfacing Pumped Screed

floor refurbishment surface preparation pumped screed
floor refurbishment pumped screed application of screed
floor refurbishment pumed screed painted with epoxy resin floor paint
Day 1 Before Shotblasting
Day 3 Complete Floor Pumped

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With just four days’ notice we were asked to devise  and install a flooring solution which  met the need for a hard wearing  surface with the  high degree of flatness required  for a high-tech printing installation for Paragon Group UK.

The existing floor, over 2,500m2 in size, was heavily pitted and damaged with a multitude of previously applied floor coatings which meant that it was wholly unsuitable for the purposes of Paragon Group UK.

The floor was prepared with a combination of diamond grinding and shotblasting prior to being primed and screeded.

Over 30 tonnes  of maxit industrial grade floor screed was used for the 2,500m² floor, creating the smooth, level surface required.

Applied  in two halves, the self-levelling  screed  was  applied in one working day, ready for opening to follow on trades the next morning, with  the   first   area   of  screed “walkable” within a few hours.

After  allowing just  three  days   for  further  curing the floor was completed by  applying a high build epoxy resin floor coating system.

Because  Paragon  wanted  to relocate  to the building  over a holiday period we had just  four days  to arrange  and mobilise  everything.   The  tight time  schedule  meant  we  needed  a  proven  system that would meet  the  company’s requirements  for something  that was  high in strength,  hard-wearing and would provide the level of flatness required when operating  precision presses and moving around large consignments of print.

Having used the  combination   of maxit floor screeds  and epoxy   coatings  frequently   in  the past with excellent results we had no hesitation in proposing this system to Paragon UK Ltd.

Richard Davies, Paragon's General Manager, commented  on the quality of the floor. “It was important for us to have a smooth, flat surface because of the amount  of paper and other items we have to move around on trolleys.  A good surface helps to make moving things easier and helps with health and safety issues because the trolleys aren’t jamming on cracked areas."

“We saw that the maxit floor was working well for the big newspaper companies. If it its good enough for them, it is good enough to meet our requirements.”

Paragon is part of a nationwide group specialising in printing of business forms and envelopes, colour print and forms management.


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