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Print, Paper & Packaging Floor Painting

print paper and packaging flooring epoxy resin paint and self levelling floors

(Paper Reel Manufacturing Plant)

Print, Paper & Packaging Floor Painting - call or message us for same day budget

Over the years we have installed epoxy and polyurethane resin floor paints and toppings in numerous environments that can be categorised as belonging to the 'printing, paper & packaging industry.

These finishes have ranged from high build epoxy resin floor paint and topping to provide hard wearing dust free floor finishes, polyurethane coating systems to provide ink and stain resistance, heavy duty resin screeds to provide impact and wear resistance and flow applied epoxy resin floor toppings to provise a smooth surface for heavy rolls of newsprint paper

Pumatect is a two pack epoxy resin floor painting system with exceptional high build properties that is ideally suited for plant rooms, workkshops, walkways, fork lift trucking aisles and production areas. Two coats of Pumatect is equivalent in thickness to approximately 12 coats of single pack floor paints.

Pumatect is also suitable for general printing areas but is susceptible to solvent attack and ink staining. Even if the inks are water based it is advisable to undertake testing beforehand to establish if staining is an issue.

Pumadur DD polyurethane resin coating, a thinner coating than Pumatect, is resistant to solvent attack and ink staining and can be installed as a stand alone coating or applied on top of Pumatect in order to provide a system that is both high build and resistant to solvents and ink staining.

Pumaflow self smoothing high gloss floor finish has been installed within paper production manufacturing plants and newspaper publishing plants to provide a smooth high gloss running surface for heavy reels of paper that if punctured can be damaged to a significant depth.  


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Printing, Paper & Packaging Floor Painting - call or message us for same day budget