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Warehouse Floor Painting

warehouse floor painting with pumatect high build epoxy resin floor paint

Warehouse Floor Painting - call or message us for same day budget

Our preferred warehouse floor painting system is Pumatect, a two pack epoxy resin floor painting system with exceptional high build properties - two coats of Pumatect is equivalent in thickness to 10-12 coats of single pack floor paints.

Pumatect provides a tough, hard wearing factory floor paint with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance properties.

Pumatect epoxy resin warehouse floor painting is ideally suited to areas that require an easy to clean, durable floor coating such as warehouses, factories, workshops, packaging and storage areas.

Pumatect warehouse floor paint is suitable for areas of regular foot traffic, regular rubber tyred pallet trucks, light-medium duty fork lift trucking (as opposed to constant 24/7 as found in a supermarket distribution facility) and occasional hard plastic wheeled trolleys.

Pumatect epoxy resin warehouse floor paint is a Type 3 floor finish as categorised in BS 8204-6 - this is the highest rating for factory floor paints - beyond that we move up to thicker screeds and floor toppings from 2mm in thickness upwards.

Thinner floor paints categorised as Type 1 (ordinary single pack floor paints) and Type 2 (thin epoxy and polyurethane resin systems) offer less than than half of the film thickness of a Type 3 warehouse floor painting system such as Pumatect. With floor preparation and application costs being broadly similar across all Types 1, 2 and 3 the uplift in price to a Type 3 coating is for materials costs only.


Features and Benefits

Warehouse floor painting can be undertaken in a wide range of colours

Warehouse floor painting protects concrete from oil and chemical spillages

Warehouse floor painting with a high build epoxy resin paint with excellent wear resistance

Pumatect warehouse floor painting is a low odour application

Pumatect warehouse floor painting provides a gloss, easy to clean finish

Pumatect warehouse floor painting creates a non dusting floor

Pumatect warehouse floor painting is available with an anti-slip finish



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Warehouse Floor Painting - call or message us for same day budget